What we are ?

Swastik Home Decor was established in 2007 and has rendered design services to individuals and various organizations for a span of 8 years.Interiors by Swastik Home Decor are timeless and have a meditative quality, at the same time they are never afraid to be bold and daring.Swastik Home Decor is a team of interior designers creating solutions to demanding architectural and design problems.Residences, homes, offices, shops are areas of design specialty.The environment created by the group grows out of their client’s visions, dreams and values. The result is life changing according to our clients.

Sustainable Designs You can have as many as you like!

Swastik Home Decor aspires to be environmentally conscious and utilize sustainable designs in all aspects of their practice. We adhere by the Green Building Councils philosophy to promote spaces that are environmentally responsible, profitable and healthy spaces to live and work.Our policy is to improve environmental quality through wise business decisions. These include conserving energy, reducing or eliminating waste, and recycling and properly disposing of remaining waste. We believe our responsibility to prevent pollution is compatible with successful business objectives. Improving productivity, efficiency and material handling requires regular review of operations. Our organization is actively working to achieve and maintain Green Star Standards and to be a model for other organizations and our community.


  • Designers
  • Engineers
  • skilled workers
  • Project Managers
  • Skilled supervisors
  • Furniture production facility
  • Design Studio with cad facility
  • Sourcing partners and associates
  • Top level contractors and suppliers


  • Quality work at reasonable cost
  • Timely completion of quality work
  • Design with concern for environment
  • Adding value to life and appreciating beauty in creation
  • Incorporation of designs which are in harmony with nature
  • To maintain consistently high level of Professional care and responsibility in each job.

Why Swastik home decor ?

  • Caring attitude
  • Quality products and services
  • Strong management and leadership
  • Unbiased and consultative approach
  • Long and established trading record
  • Financial strength – great buying power
  • Relationships with all leading manufacturers

Expectations of clients !

  • Rapid response
  • Unbiased advice
  • Professionalism
  • Clear communication
  • To deal with market experts
  • A caring and skilled project team
  • Value for money and cost transparency
  • A complete product and service package